Low maintenance, efficiency, quality, reliability, innovation, safety and the use of special steels are all factors that distinguish the range of Rozzi products.

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Electrohydraulic Equipment

The ER series are electrically powered lifting accessories which incorporate an electro hydraulic control unit within the grab body. This means the units only require electrical supplies to operate.

This type of equipment can be installed on harbour cranes or overhead cranes and are used in:

- Steel plants,

- incinerators and biomass plants,

- for the handling of waste and slag,

- for loading and unloading of ships,

- in any business where it becomes necessary to move large volumes of materials.

The grabs of the ER range are available in two versions: EV and REV.

EV Version: equipped with a Rexroth piston pump and electro-distributor that allows the opening and closing of the equipment while maintaining the electric motor in operation in the same direction of rotation.

The plant is equipped with valves that allow,

- Pressure control.

- The control of the tines during the closure to avoid cavitation.

- Maintaining the pressure of the tines even with the motor off or when the pump is in stand-by mode.

- Protecting the circuit from overloads induced by excessive stress.

The special configuration of the system, the over sizing of the components, the use of variable displacement pumps and the possibility of calibration differentiated between opening and closing, allow a continued use of the equipment without the risk of overheating.

REV Version: the reversible version is equipped with a Parker piston pump, the opening and closing are obtained by reversing the direction of motor.

The plant is equipped with valves that allow,

- Control of the pressure differentiated in closing and opening.

- The control of the tines during the closure to avoid cavitation.

- Maintaining the pressure of the tines even with the motor off.

- Protecting the circuit from overloads induced by excessive stress.

The use of a pump with high performance and the presence of an unloading valve on the closing side of the circuit make the equipment suitable even for heavy work.

The steelwork is made ​​of high quality and resistant materials while the parts in contact with the product are made of wear-resistant steel.

The pins are made of hardened / tempered alloy steel and the bushings are in hardened and tempered steel.

This solution enables a long service life even in difficult conditions and with poor lubrication.

The cylinders, designed and manufactured by a specialized division of Rozzi SpA, through the use of high performance seals and the use of high quality and resistant materials, are able to withstand heavy stress in aggressive environments with high durability.

All cylinders are equipped with sliding protection and there is an additional outer protection structure in the polyp-grabs.

On all ER equipment, the following options are available:

- Heavy duty metal electrical connectors, shock resistant and suitable for use in aggressive environments with high contamination, available in various configurations of poles and with protection up to IP68.

- Chains for connection to lifting equipment.

- Sensors for controlling the operation and for signaling anomalies.

- Control system of the equipment by remote control.

- Only for the EV version it is possible to use a pump with a constant power to allow the use of an electric motor of lower power.

All models can be supplied with a rotation device, connection link and pin to suit your machine.

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